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Product name : Power Steering Hose
Product No. : SXPH
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Power steering  assembly :Reduce Noise ;Decrease viabration,Resistance to high pressure,Impulse&ozone, Meet with SAE J188


 Test Item

Test Condition Requirements 3/8 3/8
Impulse Test

Oil temperture :135°C

Ambient temperture 135°C±6°C

Cycle rate :30-40/min


cycles without failure

 >230,00  >230.0000 
 Low tempreture flexbility The hose shall be bent through 180°on 8 times OD MANDREL AFTER THE TEMPERTURE OF -40°C±3°C for 24hs  Hose shall not fracture or show anycracks,break in the tube or cover OK  ok 
  Tensile Test    >5337.9N  7000 7000
 Adhension  At the speed of 25 mm/min  44.48N/inch 112  126 
 Burst test


Pressure rate:172.5±69Mpa

>41.4Mpa  65  66 
 Ozone  In the proportion of 50pphm±5 ozone in the air bt volume for 70-72hs at the temperture of 40°C±3°C   The cover show no cracking at 7X magnification OK  OK 
Volumetric Expension  0~8.97Mpa for 30s 3~8cc/FT  5.4  6.0 
 Lenth Change 1~10.3Mpa  +2%~-5% 1%  1% 

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